LOTR Rohan Standard Bearer

This chap still needs his Army Painter Shade and basing, but I’m quite pleased with him so far…One shot with flash, one without.

Rohan Banner

Rohan Banner

6mm Bases for Blucher

Since I’ve come to the realisation that I like Blucher and that I dislike rebasing, I won’t be trying to redo the hundred + units I’ve currently got based on 60x30mm bases. However, any new troops I think will be based to 60x60mm standards like these chaps. These represent a variety of work done over the past 3 (yes, three!!) years and finally finished and based up.

First some Spanish

Baccus Spanish

Next a unit of Russians that I painted at a Partizan some time ago in Dr Mike’s painting clinic. Not exactly an army, but it’s a start..?

Baccus Russians

Then some Adler French Guard and Line in greatcoats. You can see with the Line I based two units up individually, but it’s such a faff that for the Guard and the remaining unit I just based the strips as they were. Actually, I don’t think they look too bad. These were painted by a painting service and there’s a few issues with the uniforms but you know what? They’re painted. And based. And from 6ft no bugger can tell anyway.

Adler French Guard

Adler French Guard

Adler French Line

Adler French Line

The Miniatures Page is the best wargaming forum ever!!

Well no. No it isnt. Apologies for the clickbait title. 🙂

What the hell goes through Bill Armintrout’s mind? If you believed the hype from the Frothers crowd of exiles then not very much would be the answer. Why do I ask I hear you say? Well, in the long litany of Bill’s mishandling of what arguably is one of the central websites for the wargaming hobby, he has just added another chapter of ineptitude and poor decison making.First lets revisit some of Bill’s previous faux pas;

  • In first place we have the defense of paedophile Doug and the associated brouhaha that caused.
  • Then we have the hiring of some sub-editors, who happen to be transexual Pinays. No one (excepting some of the more redneck and bigotted members perhaps) would have batted an eyelid at this if Bill had been up front about it. The fact they knew nothing about wargaming or indeed editing (not that they would learn much from Bill in that regard) was a cause for concern, as indeed were the frequency of the funding drives for various hard luck stories which followed. No, what really pissed people off was Bill’s use of alter-egos Monty Schwab and Frances Dormady who run a rather exploititive blog paying for stories of repressed sexual tension and experiences as well as online encounters and skype sessions with wargamers….
  • Next in the list is Bills repeated inability to code. TMP is a creaking crock of shit from a technical standpoint.
  • TMP 4.0 was heralded as an upgrade which required a fundraising drive which duly turned out to be much the same as TMP 3. In point of fact Bill didnt even take note of the features that his members wanted not that it mattered in the final outcome as no advances were made.
  • Tango. Well yes. This Argentinian walter mitty spam bot has raised ire like almost no other but is defended by Bill. More on this later.
  • Bills inconsistent application of an ever ballooning list of rules which sees victims banned for no transgression and perpetrators get away with it time and again because they share the same right wing, mysogynistic and bigotted values as Bill.
  • The “topic of the long knives”. Having started a poll himself on whether British wargamers were arrogant Bill ended up banning around 30 plus of his members over a week or so because they didnt agree with him. Despite breaking none of his own rules.
  • The inconsistent posting about TMP’s financial well being. One minute he is having to lay off the sub Editors and having to have funding drives, the next he is pushing supporting members and paying advertisers away and making statements that TMP has never been in ruder health.

So with this and many more dramas in his history 2 weeks or so ago Bill decides overnight with little warning to lock his site to only allowing supporting members to post for 2 weeks while going on “holiday”. Almost overnight TMP goes from resembling a gossip column, random scattergun clickbait fest and children’s playground argument  to actually resembling a Wargaming Forum again as many of the worst offenders are excluded, Tango and Legion4 amongst them as they are not supporting members. Then mysteriously after a week or so, Tango is suddenly a supporting member again and the spambot kicks into full overdrive and we are back to square one.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Bill is a complete and utter moron.

Another Combat Patrol set up

A few quick photos taken with my phone of the table i set up for our game last week (carrying on tonight) of Combat Patrol.

Last Valley hedges, a mix of LV and my own scratch built trees, Commission Figurines farm and some scratch built buildings by me (the taller basic ones) along with 5 buildings by HACME which i have finally painted. These were an absolute bargain and are lovely. The large walls are also scratchbuilt, a trial to see if the technique worked and looked ok. They need finishing and basing properly but were usable for the game.

Combat Patrol – Game set up

This week we are going to start a series of Combat Patrol games, in a narrative style campaign. The first game is a refresher of the rules and mechanisms since Combat Patrol works somewhat differently to every other ruleset we play, but the casualties will have a bearing on the games to come so hopefully the players will be careful with their tin soldiers lives….

The briefing for the two sides is simple. The Germans have 3 x 5 men teams (with 1 LMG amongst them) and a 3 man MMG team. They are the outpost line and may have dug themselves in. The British troops have 2 full sections (4 teams) and a Platoon command team. They are to probe the enemy and find their positions. If they can they should attempt to manoeuvre a team to the enemy base edge which will induce a withdrawal.

Apologies for the poor photo’s, they’re from my phone.

Figures a mix of FAA, Britannia and Lancer, farm from Commission Figurines, Hedges from Last Valley and trees a mix of Last Valley, home made and some new additions to my collection from Woodland Scenics, based and finished last week.


German Forces

British Forces

New trees

Looking down the lane

The plan for 2017

Yes, OK, we are already 2 months in. 2017 is already looking like it will be a productive year. Spurred on by Hammerhead and some conversations over Christmas we have already had a series of Blucher games, and are working through a series of LOTR SBG games right now.

The intention here is to play the same ruleset for a few weeks in a row, to get familiar with them and learn, rather than choppig and changing all the time.

Next up on the list is going to be Combat Patrol. Having just bought 200 quids worth of hedges from Last Valley I am keen to put them to use. We will play an introductory session to refresh memories in a couple of weeks and then build the forces and complexity of the game for a few weeks.

As for the painting table, I have resolved to get some collections finished rather than worry about what we are playing next so I am sending some 6mm Napoleonics to a painting service and have one Spanish infantry unit left to paint myself – hopefully done tonight. Then I’m onto some trees, bought off the bring and buy at Hammerhead, which i based onto mount board on Sunday and just need to PVA and sand, paint and flock and that is all the 6mm/10mm trees i likely will need done.

After that? Dunno yet. My planning isnt that far along.

LOTR – War of the Ring

We played our first game of War of the Ring last week at Matt’s, using his Uruk Hai and Mordor Orks. I won, with the Orks, although it was the three trolls I had that did the most damage. We got a few bits wrong here and there but it’s a nice set of rules, different to classic GW games and flows pretty well. We’re going to play it more in the coming months, once I get some more Rohan painted. What I’ve got thus far barely makes 3 companies… I do however have more than enough bases all ready and prepped, having bought many from Warbases.

Click on the Pictures to get bigger versions.

Théoden, Eowyn and a couple of left overs

Company of Archers

Company of Warriors of Rohan

AWI Project almost finished

Finally got around to taking some pictures of my 10mm Pendraken AWI figures today. The collection is almost finished, and comprises 12 British regiments and 3 Hessian, along with a couple of artillery pieces and some Hessian Jaegers. I still have some more officers to paint up, which will be based on slightly less ridiculously large bases, and also a few more guns. I think I could probably do with some more skirmish troops, although most of the British regiments have had their Light & Grenadier Co’s painted and based separately, to allow for the creation of converged battalions. Lastly I could do with some cavalry.

Almost all of the figures have been painted by Andy Mac, although a few are my own work which although not as good, is relatively indistinguishable at anything but very close range. All basing on PWS Steel bases using PVA and sand then painted and with MiniNatur tufts.

Click on the images for full size versions.

The whole army mustered

British Units

British Units

British Units

The Hessians

British Units

British Units

British Units

British Units

Hessian Lieb and Jaegers

Hessian Musketeers

British Units

British Units

Also visible are some split rail fences I have painted up recently from the Baggage train. A bit flashy, but very good value for what you get, and a lot easier to do than making them. I will be buying some more as these will see service both with my AWI and ACW collections.

Getting antsy and “ooh shiny” syndrome

I’m having a bit of a resurgence in interest in doing “stuff” for wargaming, and as a result my brain is going overboard with ideas and lots of “ooh shiny” moments.

Currently I’m waiting on some 20mm buildings from HACME, have about 100+ LOTR Rohan figures to paint, the remnants of about 5 6mm Spanish Napoleonic units to paint, so it makes perfect sense for me to be thinking “I’d really like to get some more ancients. I wonder what goes with my Marian Romans/Spanish/Maccabean Jewish that I currently have” because clearly the Jewish don’t go with the Marians in any sense of contemporaneous sense!

I’m thinking DBA 3.0, and some quick and dirty ancients games to make use of my desert GeoHex which I’ve had for a few years and never actually used.

Then there’s the 15mm Vietnam project, for which I’ve recently bought 2 QRF hueys (urgh – review to follow at some stage) and 4 Revell Plastic hueys. Itching to get these on table and start playing some Charlie Don’t Surf, and think of how to interface that and FNG/Combat Patrol into a campaign type environment – almost certainly the existing OPS system I’ve got.

I also think I need to change the blog layout. The main page looked really smart when I started and was focussed on only a couple of things, but now it’s very diverse it needs changing.

100% post increase over 2015

Just realised I’ve already managed 100% more posts this year than last year… That’s pretty good, until you realise I had only to beat 3…