The Miniatures Page is the best wargaming forum ever!!

Well no. No it isnt. Apologies for the clickbait title. 🙂

What the hell goes through Bill Armintrout’s mind? If you believed the hype from the Frothers crowd of exiles then not very much would be the answer. Why do I ask I hear you say? Well, in the long litany of Bill’s mishandling of what arguably is one of the central websites for the wargaming hobby, he has just added another chapter of ineptitude and poor decison making.First lets revisit some of Bill’s previous faux pas;

  • In first place we have the defense of paedophile Doug and the associated brouhaha that caused.
  • Then we have the hiring of some sub-editors, who happen to be transexual Pinays. No one (excepting some of the more redneck and bigotted members perhaps) would have batted an eyelid at this if Bill had been up front about it. The fact they knew nothing about wargaming or indeed editing (not that they would learn much from Bill in that regard) was a cause for concern, as indeed were the frequency of the funding drives for various hard luck stories which followed. No, what really pissed people off was Bill’s use of alter-egos Monty Schwab and Frances Dormady who run a rather exploititive blog paying for stories of repressed sexual tension and experiences as well as online encounters and skype sessions with wargamers….
  • Next in the list is Bills repeated inability to code. TMP is a creaking crock of shit from a technical standpoint.
  • TMP 4.0 was heralded as an upgrade which required a fundraising drive which duly turned out to be much the same as TMP 3. In point of fact Bill didnt even take note of the features that his members wanted not that it mattered in the final outcome as no advances were made.
  • Tango. Well yes. This Argentinian walter mitty spam bot has raised ire like almost no other but is defended by Bill. More on this later.
  • Bills inconsistent application of an ever ballooning list of rules which sees victims banned for no transgression and perpetrators get away with it time and again because they share the same right wing, mysogynistic and bigotted values as Bill.
  • The “topic of the long knives”. Having started a poll himself on whether British wargamers were arrogant Bill ended up banning around 30 plus of his members over a week or so because they didnt agree with him. Despite breaking none of his own rules.
  • The inconsistent posting about TMP’s financial well being. One minute he is having to lay off the sub Editors and having to have funding drives, the next he is pushing supporting members and paying advertisers away and making statements that TMP has never been in ruder health.

So with this and many more dramas in his history 2 weeks or so ago Bill decides overnight with little warning to lock his site to only allowing supporting members to post for 2 weeks while going on “holiday”. Almost overnight TMP goes from resembling a gossip column, random scattergun clickbait fest and children’s playground argument  to actually resembling a Wargaming Forum again as many of the worst offenders are excluded, Tango and Legion4 amongst them as they are not supporting members. Then mysteriously after a week or so, Tango is suddenly a supporting member again and the spambot kicks into full overdrive and we are back to square one.

The only explanation I can come up with is that Bill is a complete and utter moron.